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Charter Timeshare Solutions is a company that specializes in all aspects of the Timeshare Industry. We provide solutions to both individuals as well as resorts pertaining to deed ownership. We understand the Timeshare Industry is ever changing which creates new demands and issues to both the individual timeshare owner and resorts alike. Charter Timeshare Solutions prides itself as a company built on honesty, dependability, and professionalism.

Resort Solutions: Charter Timeshare Solutions can help with the resale of deeds that are currently on hand. We have over twenty (20) years of deed experience with a closing rating of approximately forty-two (42%) percent. Do not feel that increasing maintenance fees or down-sizing is your only option as Charter Timeshare Solutions will increase the budget revenue by deed resale.

Individual Solutions: Charter Timeshare Solutions can help with your travel needs. We offer both Timeshare Week and Point Deeds. If you would like to travel without owning a Timeshare Deed, we offer a Travel Club for your vacationing needs. And for the timeshare owner that simply no longer wants his or her deed, we can help resolve your ownership.

Charter Timeshare Solutions is not a marketing company as we are a result driven solutions company. There are no problems or issues too large or too small for our company. We welcome any opportunity to use our experience and knowledge to assist in preparing a strategy and plan of action for your needs. Let us be your solution in navigating you through any timeshare difficulty.

"Charter Timeshare Solutions is your one-stop company for all your timeshare needs."



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